Meditation and mindfulness have been shown to help people stress less, focus more, and sleep soundly, and Headspace is your personal guide. With hundreds of guided exercises for meditation, sleep, focus, and movement, we’ll help you start and end your days feeling like your best self.

The best part? We'll get it all for free  (smile)

Click on this link to get to the landing page, where you can register free of charge using your Camunda work email address:

You can also download the App on your mobile device and use the same login.

Here's what you will find on Headspace:

  • Guided meditations for stress, focus, productivity, and more
  • Sleepcasts and bedtime audio for restful night
  • The Wake Up: bite-sized videos for daily inspiration
  • Focus: music and meditations designed to get you in the zone
  • Move Mode: quick workouts and guided cardio for body and mind

Here's a demo again of how to enroll and the FAQ:

#Ask-people-team in case of any questions and enjoy your "Me-Time"

Data Protection Information: 

All information that users provide through use is stored on Headspace's servers in the United States.

This may include: personal information, such as your name, email address, password and, in certain circumstances, telephone number, as well as information about your use of the Products and data collected through tracking technologies that could be used to personally identify you or contact you online.

For more information, please see Headspace's privacy policy:

The contract with Headspace is between the user and Headspace, i.e. the users accept Headspace's T&C. There is no data processing on behalf of Camunda and Camunda cannot control or access any data from your Headspace account. 

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