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Once a year, Camunda brings the whole team together for a week-long in-person team event.

This is our opportunity to connect and meet colleagues away from daily business, socialize and build our outstanding people culture.

As with any Camunda event, attendance is voluntary and since we are remote-first and our colleagues are located around the globe, we aim for a different location every year.

So far, in 2019, 120 Camundos went to Sanga-Saby in Sweden. And in 2021, 250 Camundos enjoyed 4 days on Obonjan Island in Croatia.

In 2022 we traveled to Pennsylvania, USA. Check out the Retreat website to find out more!

2023 Retreat - ???, Europe

2023 will see Camunda return to Europe for its 4th Company Retreat from the 19th - 23rd June. More information details to be announced soon!follow soon.

We are aware that the Retreat falls on Juneteenth (a nationally recognised holiday in the US). Please note that the Retreat dates were confirmed before Juneteenth became a nationally recognised holiday. We plan to acknowledge Juneteenth with workshop content at the Retreat and US employees are encouraged to use FTO to make up for the holiday day.

2022 Retreat - Pennsylvania, USA

In June 2022, Camundos from all over the world gathered for our third Camunda Company Retreat in Pennsylvania, USA! 

We enjoyed five days away from our daily business to unwind, learn new skills, and finally re-connect with and meet fellow Camundos in person.

2021 Retreat - Obonjan Island, Croatia

Camunda gathered on our very own private island for our 2021 Retreat. We took the opportunity to go beyond daily business, bringing global employees together to build a strong team aligned with Camunda's distinct company culture, and have plenty of fun whilst doing so!

2019 Retreat - Sånga-Säby, Sweden

In September 2021, Camundos from across the globe gathered at the island of Färingsö, on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden for the first ever Camunda Retreat. 

We enjoyed four days surrounded by nature, away from our usual roles, to challenge ourselves, learn new skills, meet fellow Camundos and build a strong, international team with a distinct Camunda culture. 

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