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At Camunda we want to reward our teams for the amazing work they do. That is why we have created our Global Benefits Principles with particular focus in key areas such as Health, Pension, and Group Insurances. What are our Global Benefits Principles?

Camunda Benefits Mission Statement

  1. Employer of Choice: We want all Camundi to feel rewarded and motivated by their benefit offerings.
  2. Inclusivity: We want our offering to be globally inclusive for Camundi with all different needs while still aligned to market best practice.
  3. Flexible: We want to enable choice and flexibility to support the needs of our employees .
  4. Market Competitive: We want to ensure we keep up with and in some cases exceed our competitor’s offerings.

Camunda Benefits Principles 

  1. We attract and retain the best talent in the market through competitive Benefit Programs in each country
  2. Where we can, we offer a global benefit. We want our offering to be globally inclusive for Camundi with all different needs while still aligned to market best practice.
  3. Benefits are not based on performance, but instead employees are offered competitive benefits to enhance the health and well-being of our global workforce.
  4. Equitability is important to us. Where available, Camunda will ensure there is at least one entity specific plan available with limited to no expense for dependents.
  5. We are transparent about our benefits approach and provide public documentation on all plans for candidates and employees to access.
  6. Benefits are continuously reviewed. As Camunda scales, we will ensure our benefits are competitive for like companies of our stage and size

Alongside local statutory obligations for certain benefits we also offer core company benefits for everyone, everywhere. No distinction is made between locations, your role or level.

In these pages this section of Confluence you can find information on these global benefits as well as the location specific statutory benefits, and other company programs and perks we offer.

Benefits - Benchmarks & Market Data

To enable Camunda to align to best practices and competitor offerings we have two main approaches:

  1. Partner with a Benefits Broker - carry out annual reviews of our benefit offerings to ensure competitive pricing and level of cover
    1. In North America we have partnered with Lumity
    2. For the rest of the world we have partnered with BAS
  2. Market Data Analysis - compare our benefits offering against other companies, and analyze prevalence of existing and potential benefits
    1. We partner with 3 providers; Radford, ERI, and Comptryx who are all market leaders in their space

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