If you do not have an office hub at your disposal within a 60 minute driving or train travel radius, you can rent a desk space in a co-working space and get a reimbursement from Camunda. This policy walks you through the details.

This policy only relates to office hubs and co-working spaces in your permanent residential area. It does not apply in case you want to work from a different city temporarily.

Camunda currently has office hubs in Berlin, Dallas and Denver.


IT Security

Camunda’s IT Security Policies also apply to work at any co-working space. Please adhere to them whenever visiting and working at a co-working space.


This is a non-approval policy to encourage the spirit of Camunda employees making reasonable decisions autonomously rather than just following rules.

As guidance for a monthly rate we can recommend around €/$/£ 350,00 on average, with a month-to-month contract. Monthly rental fees of €/$/£700 or above - for example in some metropolitan areas - need to be approved by Nastasja Johnston prior to contracting. Send your quote to for final approval.

We do not have central co-working contracts in place which means that you can pick your preferred co-working space. 

  • You are fully in charge of researching, contracting and cancelling your favourite co-working space.
  • The contract has to be in your name.
  • The general PO process does not apply in this case.
  • Camunda does not issue Spendesk credit cards for the rental of co-working spaces.


You can reimburse the rental costs by handing in your receipt via Spendesk, Expensify or portal. 

Please hand in your receipts on a monthly basis. 

Add an expense description and select the expense category co-working Space.

You will be reimbursed within one month.

If you need payment assistance, maybe due to high initial outlay costs, please contact

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